Real Mom: Susie Sheffman Says Working Motherhood Is A Joy Ride She’ll Never Regret

by Love, Mom June 27, 2016 0 comment

Susie swears by her basics: Jeans (in this case Rag & Bone cropped flares), a white shirt (this tunic's from Artizia) and statement shoes (these are a recent buy from Miu Miu). She says, "My style has never changed, even after I had kids." A prized possession is her Brioni necklace. "I saw a portrait of Diana Vreeland wearing a necklace like this and then one season I saw it on the runway at the Brioni show in Milan. I went ballistic. I had to have it. I used it in almost every shot of a shoot shortly after, reluctantly packed it up and sent it back. Then when Brioni saw the editorial they sent it me as a thank-you gift."